We live in extraordinary times. The challenges facing the industry are numerous. Currently, we are in survival mode and do not have time to think about the future…but we should. It is imperative that we ask what our environment and our industry will look like: in summer, in fall, next year. What type of operations are feasible and will continue and which operations will cease or be greatly reduced. One point of view can be found here. British explorer Ernest Shackleton once noted, “Optimism is true moral courage.” This is what should look for and identify opportunities.

In order to prepare to restart the operation make sure that the aircraft and people are ready for deployment. Are there any additional checks that must be made if the helicopter has been on the ground for a longer period of time. Are pilots and crew ready for more complex operations? Some guidance can be found on the EHA, Flight Safety and EASA websites

UPDATE: FSF Enhances COVID-19 Roadmap, Safety Punch Lists


Given that operations are at a virtual standstill and EASA has announced that they will delay publishing any new regulation, the webinar planned for tonight does not make sense. We have therefore decided that the Webinar as well as the classroom courses for April and May will not take place. We will announce replacement courses at a later date. The Safety Manager Webinar, planned for Thursday, April 23 will proceed as planned. The course will start at 17:00 to 18:00 in Englisch and 18:15 to 19:15 in German. You can access the webinar by following the link below.


We look forward seeing you there.

Best Regards and stay healthy